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  1. It's like Dash but it's in your browser and it's free, as in freedom, not just beer. BOOYA!
  2. Build forms from JSON Schema. Easily template-able. Compatible with Twitter Bootstrap out of the box. Genius...
  3. This provided the extra info to get NFS working from OSX host to Ubuntu guest.
  4. This got me started sharing filesystems over NFS from an OSX host to an Ubuntu guest.
  5. Awesome report card generated from public GitHub info. Impressively fast also. Mostly humorous but potentially useful.
  6. GitHub's javascript (or ranmther CoffeeScript) styleguide. Useful.
  7. A developer only job board in the UK. Ads cost £50 to £500, refund if you're not satisfied. By devs for devs, no intermediaries or third party recruiters. Reach 4k UK developers.
  8. An HTML entity lookup service. Type in part of the name or character and it'll show you the options. Useful.
  9. An overview of various editors for Ubuntu Dapper, focusing on Ruby on Rails compatibility. Each editor is covered in a little detail with enough information to get a flavour of it. Useful.
  10. An open source mailer class for PHP, supports local sendmail, smtp, the full monty.
  11. A comparison of photoshop psd to HTML coding services, off the shelf packages.

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