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  1. Incredible geodesic shelter structures in two sizes with a bunch of options, $3'400 fully spec'd, but it's an impressive space.
  2. A bamboo hooch treehouse created and built by Jo Scheer. Props Jananda.
  3. An eco lodge and avocado farm built and run by a Canadian American couple outside of Antigua.
  4. A place in Costa Rica that I came across through Ruben from Belgium in Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico.
  5. Useful info on micro hydro including a chart showing head and flow to output power. Very handy.
  6. Exchange of services in a hospex type fashion. Credits are counted and exchanged for "wishes".
  7. Apparently semi-communal eco-village type community in Scotland. Worth researching.
  8. Lots of info on micro hydro including a book on creating your own systems.
  9. Work exchange 2.5 hours or pay $35 - $40 a day. Eco-hostel, solar showers, outdoor toilets, the whole nine yards. :-)
  10. The hub is a cross between a members club, an incubator, a serviced office, and a few other collaboration methods. Hat tip guaka.
  11. Swahili to English / English to Swahili dictionary. Translates individual words, useful for creating names. :-)

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