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  1. A daily standup tool for teams. Free or $4/month (paid annually). Asks 3 simple questions, what did you do yesterday, what will you do today, what's blocking you. Virtual standups. Nice idea.
  2. A pretty full on web whiteboard app. Supports different colours and sizes and stuff, but is a little bit limited as it only has post it notes of varying colours. Not perfect, but useful...
  3. Online whiteboard tool with a little sophistication. Allows links, sub boards, and other stuff, some only on paid plans.
  4. Very cool online whiteboard app. Dead simple, free, easy to collaborate, sort of like a visual priate pad.
  5. A coworking, collaborative space in Bangkok, near the MRT!
  6. Just glanced quickly, sounds very interesting. Combines over 14 projects to create an open source, cross platform web conferencing platform. Cool.
  7. Online coaching, feedback, performance reviews, that kind of jazz, for teams or businesses based around facebook or something of that nature.
  8. Interesting shopping comparison vertical focused entirely on heating oil. Includes smart examples of cross / up sells. Hat tip Dafydd.
  9. Neat calendar service. Sync with desktop clients, mobiles, etc and then displays public availability and allows people to schedule events while handling timezones smoothly. Hat tip Anthony Feint.
  10. The hub is a cross between a members club, an incubator, a serviced office, and a few other collaboration methods. Hat tip guaka.
  11. Another coworking space in Brooklyn for $250/month, about 40 minutes by public transport from Greenpoint.
  12. Coworking space in Brooklyn for $200/month about 30 minutes walk from Greenpoint.
  13. Shared artist facility including photography studio, wood shops, office space, etc. Temporary 3 month memberships are $180 or monthly basic is $39 a month.
  14. ProjectPier is a Free, Open-Source, self-hosted PHP application for managing tasks, projects and teams through an intuitive web interface. An opensource version of basecamp! Looks pretty basic, not nearly as ajaxy / designed as 37 signals.
  15. Collabtive is an open source clone of BaseCamp (the 37 signals project management software) built in PHP backed by MySQL.
  16. Jelly is a bi-weekly working meeting where people get together to work in someone's house. It's a co-working type thing for people who can work remotely.

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