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  1. Spam filtering service with plugins for major blogging / CMS engines. Free account passes up to 100 comments per day, then pro accounts for €30 /month or $3'600 a year.
  2. The comment referrers plugin stores the HTTP referrer field when a comment is submitted and then adds it to the comment in the admin / email view. Helps to identify spam.
  3. WP-HashCash implements the hashcash approach to spam prevention as a WordPress plugin.
  4. WP-SpamFree uses a combination of javascript, cookies and algorithmic approach to apparently cut out spam. Requires zero config, totally cache compatible. It tells the user if the comment has been blocked, which is very handy.
  5. Defensio is a comment spam prevention service, similar to Akismet. It's from a company based in Montreal.

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