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  1. Useful article covering how to create an upstart script for nodejs, also applies to coffeescript. I didn't use this one so much, I used the other one, but this has some other useful info.
  2. Handy article covering how to create an upstart script for nodejs, also applies to coffeescript.
  3. A really simple walkthrough of how an auto tweeting tool was created in node.js. Includes some useful links to node-oauth, forever (monit for node), and express, a web framework for node!
  4. Mandrill, deliver incoming email to a webhook, and process outgoing email. Can do message manipulation also. 12k emails/month free, from MailChimp.
  5. Interesting article on how to obfuscate integer IDs by creating secure hashes which can be verified. Produces long hashes, but they are tamper proof.
  6. An API framework for CakePHP. They've implemented the Twitter API, and a handful of others. Very cakey, fits into the whole CakePHP approach very well. Not sure if it'll actually be that useful or not.
  7. Simple way to deploy code with git remote and git push. Ingeniously simple.
  8. Clickatell seem to be the premier SMS API, they're used by Pingdom, Cloudkick and PagerDuty. Incoming number (UK, regular number) is €100 setup and €25/month plus 1/3 credit per SMS received.
  9. Orange provide an SMS API using shared shortcodes / international UK number. Not sure what pricing is, complicated, but they are listed. Probably not a first choice.
  10. A python wrapper for the Google Voice API. Potentially allows the sending of SMS messages (or receipt of SMS messages) via Google Voice for free in the US and at GV costs overseas.
  11. UK based SMS provider, used by pingdom, no actual prices on their site, a bad sign. They appear to support receiving SMS but are probably horrendously expensive.
  12. Pricing for BulkSms, an SMS gateway also used by Charges 3 rates for delivery quality. Uncertain of whether they offer incoming numbers.
  13. An SMS api used by pingdom. Scandinavian country. Incoming UK number on Vodafone for €55/month + vat, unsure of per message cost.

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