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  1. Tool to create infographics. Has some kind of free tier, then it's $20/mth or $50/mth.
  2. In a similar vein to cloudflare / yottaa, strangeloop offer a performance enhancement service through a physical / cloud based appliance. It uses the standard techniques, js/css combining, sprites, cdn, tailoring to the browser, and so on. No pricing. :-(
  3. Similar to CloudFlare but more expensive ($30/mth no ssl, $130/mth with ssl) it accelerates web sites through the use of CDN, js/css combining, etc.
  4. loudFlare is an automated CDN / content acceleration type service. It acts as a reverse proxy providing some sort of heuristic security scanning, logging of traffic, and an automatically configured CDN. $15 + $5/site/month.
  5. Kai's profile on People Per Hour. Great copywriter, local to Edinburgh, incredible prices.
  6. Scribe is an easy to use SEO tool that analyses content (blog posts, etc) and suggests ways to improve it based on SEO best practice. It also provides a keyword research tool that shows search volume for related keywords to the one entered. Useful. Pricey
  7. 1TB of data for $39 (limited offer at 18 Mar 2011). Hat tip Anthony Feint. Plugins for drupal, wordpress, etc. Data is around 10c/gb up to 50TBs, comparable to EC2.
  8. Truemors is a rumour site by Guy Kawasaki. It's a sort of digg meets twitter type service where anyone can post content and it gets rated by the community true or not.
  9. Build squidoo lenses to provide a source of information on a topic. Link to blogs, articles, rss, photos, media, etc. As seen regularly on Seth Godin's blog.

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