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  1. Something like meteor's hot code reload, but generically abstracted. Apparently from Microsoft and open source, go figure!
  2. Pretty slick looking deployment service. Automated or manual. Free for 1 repo, $15/month for 10 repos. Was, now rebranded.
  3. Automatic code review, including security and style, linked to GitHub. Nice.
  4. Good article on the theory of python deployment. Makes some interesting arguments. Includes some code, but isn't really usable, but also has a link to parcel, open source python deployment.
  5. Hosted CI service. Free for public projects, $25/mth for 5 private repos. Looks pretty smart.
  6. Useful article covering how to create an upstart script for nodejs, also applies to coffeescript. I didn't use this one so much, I used the other one, but this has some other useful info.
  7. Handy article covering how to create an upstart script for nodejs, also applies to coffeescript.
  8. Scripts to auto install node.js on Ubuntu. Includes a few handy dependencies, etc. Neat.
  9. On premises cloud computing platform, with an open source angle. Don't fully understand it.
  10. A platform to manage cloud computing resources, deployments, and so on. Essentially a simplified front end for AWS as far as I can make out.
  11. Put simply, Puppet is a system for automating system administration tasks. It's a language to define services, nodes, dependencies, and so on. Then it handles the "realisation" or "execution" of those definitions across multiple platforms, etc.
  12. Capistrano is a system built in Ruby to execute commands on many servers, in parallel via SSH. Config files, jobs, etc are written in Ruby.
  13. Puppet is a system to abstract system administrator tasks such as configuring web servers, deploying database servers, and so on. It provides an abstract language to specify configurations and then handles deployment for you.

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