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  1. Similar to 99designs, but seems to have set pricing for various services.
  2. Similar to 99 designs. A design competition site by the looks of it.
  3. Generate a PNG from any font awesome (and some other) icons. Super useful wee utility.
  4. Online tool for creating infographics and presentation graphics. Could be useful.
  5. Software to let non designers make designs. Some stuff is free, premium assets are $1 per use, or their "pro" version is $10/month.
  6. Adobe's colour wheel tool. Great for creating combinations of colours that work well together, palettes and such.
    19-06-2015 to , , , , , , ,
  7. Useful colour palette tool. Creates various colour combinations from a single input colour.
    19-06-2015 to , , , , , , ,
  8. Mockup tool. Useful for designing application mockups. Web version for $12/m or download app for $79.
  9. Prototyping tool to build prototype apps, web apps, mobile apps, etc. Free plan pretty limited, starts at $29/month for usable plan.
  10. Useful article explaining in simple detail how scrolling and onscroll events happen (or don't happen) on various mobile devices. Bit dated, but still useful.
  11. Nice free icons set released under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license.
  12. Design and photoshopping or photochopping competitions.
  13. A design company with a speciality in WordPress themes. They designed a custom theme for Custom designs start from $2'000.
  14. 39 steps is Julie Diver's design studio in Edinburgh.
  15. CSS Naked Day is a great initiative where you disable all css files on your site for a day to highlight the values of good design. Awesome. Was 9 April in 2008.
  16. Ray did the design for It's a great web 2.0, clean, simple look.
  17. Patrick Tanguay is a web designer based in Montreal. Patrick does a lot of the design for
  18. A graphic designer based in Edinburgh.
  19. A team of designers applied a Web 2.0 look and feel to a selection of well known corporate logos.
    24-07-2007 to , , , , ,
  20. Yearly logo trends from
  21. Post a design brief and a reward, then designers submit designs in a competition format with you choosing the winner
  22. Quite a famous set of icons set released under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license and a debian compatible license.

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