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  1. Awesome little service that shows you the content of incoming webhooks. Super useful.
  2. Useful concept on how to document architecture decisions in software projects.
  3. A GitHub clone built in go that you run offline, 100% free & open source.
  4. Toptal for teams. No pricing. Pricing way below superlumen billing on average.
  5. Platform that tries to rate what tools companies are using. Looks interesting, has slack, trello, GitHub, Google Analytics on the homepage. Could be useful for discovering new stuff. Maybe useful as a marketing platform.
  6. Setting ulimit on macOS Sierra. Super helpful.
  7. An article about a model of ethical development through five levels.
  8. Remote mac servers. Mac minis start from $69/month with 24 hour free trial, instant activation.
  9. A SAAS API for building activity streams that supports features like follow, notifications, and so on. 3m events per month free.
  10. A web framework built by RethinkDB to connect frontend apps to a rethink backend. Interesting. I guess no GraphQL, so probably missed the boat.
  11. Something like meteor's hot code reload, but generically abstracted. Apparently from Microsoft and open source, go figure!
  12. It's like Dash but it's in your browser and it's free, as in freedom, not just beer. BOOYA!
  13. It's like meteor but meatier! A combination of rethinkdb, react, redux, and some other stuff to generate a comparable stack to meteor.
  14. Pretty slick looking deployment service. Automated or manual. Free for 1 repo, $15/month for 10 repos. Was, now rebranded.
  15. Paid localhost tunnelling option. Has some kind of free option I think, but also has paid plans. Probably pretty slick, haven't tried it.
  16. Pretty slick looking tunnels to localhost, seems to log the requests so they can be replayed, etc. More feature rich than localtunnel, but requires some weird install / download, has a paid version, and probably isn't open source.
  17. Genius. Npm install it `npm install -g localtunnel` then run `lt --port 8080` and it spits out an HTTPS url which will forward to localhost:8080. Free and incredibly useful.
  18. Mockup tool. Useful for designing application mockups. Web version for $12/m or download app for $79.
  19. Report on the lack of access to basic financial services. States 2.5bn people have no formal bank account.
  20. Build forms from JSON Schema. Easily template-able. Compatible with Twitter Bootstrap out of the box. Genius...
  21. Automatic code review, including security and style, linked to GitHub. Nice.
  22. Open source monitoring framework that can be used as a sort of middleware between metric collection and metric storage / analysis, I think.
  23. Good article on how to handle deliberately empty values in Go, useful when using PATCH or PUT on JSON APIs.
  24. Phenomenal list of API tools. Extremely useful. Includes all kinds of stuff, from localhost tunnelling to postman, curl alternatives, and more.
  25. Quick and easy docker wrapper for cassandra, supports single cluster.

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