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  1. It's like Dash but it's in your browser and it's free, as in freedom, not just beer. BOOYA!
  2. Build forms from JSON Schema. Easily template-able. Compatible with Twitter Bootstrap out of the box. Genius...
  3. Useful article mixing restify, node.js and coffeescript. Very handy for the basic design patterns and language layouts, even if it's a really simple example.
  4. Awesome walkthrough of various coffeescript features / options / design patters, etc. Found it via the section on regexes, excellent, useful.
  5. Useful posts from Antonio Ramirez on the Yii framework. This is the category, there's quite a lot of helpful stuff in there.
  6. Pop in a WordPress function name and it'll tell you when it was introduced and when it was dropped. It tracks over 1'900 functions through 30 versions of WordPress. Nice. Thanks ozh.
  7. Upgrading Coppermine from version 1.4.x to the latest (as at version 1.4.12).

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