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  1. Salt is a little like Ansible I guess, new alternative to puppet|chef, neat, built on python, open source.
  2. Ansible looks like a newer, simpler puppet|chef. Uses ssh by default, which is pretty neat, well suited to things like ec2, getting machines up from the ground up. Python. Smart. Free.
  3. Cloud hosting, bit pricey, can be configured ram / disk / cpu / etc. Works out twice as expensive as Linode. Arguably has a more "enterprise" featureset.
  4. Scalable PHP PaaS service. Based on the concept of "boxes", which handle 2 simultaneous requests each, and can scale up and down dynamically. So 12 concurrent requests equals 6 boxes. Strange, but potentially cost effective for traffic peaks.
  5. PHP PaaS provider based in Ireland, acquired by Engine Yard.
  6. PHP cloud hosting. Very slick architecture. Custom managed EC2 nodes deployed behind varnish caches and nginx load balancers. Fairly reasonably priced.
  7. Ruby, Node.js and Clojure application hosting. Pricing is based on web and background workers. One node free.
  8. How to get custom RSA SSH keypairs into EC2. There is one region missing from this post.
  9. Handy list of the ami codes to launch an ubuntu server instance on amazon's EC2.
  10. Rsync to S3 is a service which combines EC2 and S3 to provide a bandwidth efficient S3 based backup mechanism. It takes advantage of the free bandwidth between EC2 and S3 to overcome the limitations of S3 for rsync backup.
  11. 3tera provide a grid platform to deploy "virtual appliances" on a "virtual datacentre" built on top of commodity hardware, similar to Amazon's EC2/S3.

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