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  1. A spiritual community of 1000 people in Italy with underground temple like spaces and other intriguing aspects.
  2. Permaculture project starting in Egilsay in the Orkneys.
  3. Awesome story about tiny houses in the US. Crazy wicked awesome!
  4. SunDanzer make a few low energy refrigerators and freezers as well as some more wacky refrigeration stuff. They make the DDR165 which can be hooked directly to a solar panel bypassing the need for batteries and other equipment. Very cool. Around $1000.
  5. Old fashioned, off-grid or at least off-electric appliances and other tools for Amish and other households. Gas refrigeration and other really cool stuff, although expensive.
  6. A company that makes what they call Maplette Magnesium Oxychloride Flooring from sawdust and magnesium oxychloride. It's eco friendly, super hard wearing, dust free, fire proof, sound dampening, and more! South Africa.
  7. An eco lodge and avocado farm built and run by a Canadian American couple outside of Antigua.
  8. Bulungula, possibly the most inspiring place I have been on earth. Truly amazing.

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