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  1. Sucks data from Google Analytics + ecommerce tools to provide a cross tool view of your data. Multi channel ecommerce analytics.
  2. Useful pointers on how to store varnish cache on disk. Very easy, recommends using ext2 and noatime / nodiratime to improve disk throughput. Smart.
  3. A magento varnish plugin that enables varnish caching on Magento sites.
  4. Free SSL certificates which are accepted by most modern browsers. Very cool.
  5. Crowdfunding business in the UK. Similar to KickStarter, but focused on actually buying equity rather than a finished product. Seems a lot less polished and much smaller scale that kickstarter.
  6. Interesting article about how effective facebook ads can be with some optimisation. Cost per clicks between a few pence and .3p per click. Food for thought. No specific advice or tips in the article.
  7. Interesting shopping comparison vertical focused entirely on heating oil. Includes smart examples of cross / up sells. Hat tip Dafydd.
  8. People pledge to make payments, developers deliver, then payments are collected. Similar to kickstart, but a little different. Very cool. Hat tip Anthony Feint.
  9. List of drop shippers and wholesalers, claimed 8.2m products (which doesn't mean much). $300 lifetime membership. Seems to be US focused.
  10. Listing of around 8'000 businesses that will drop ship. Seems to be primarily US focused, but with a UK tailored sales pitch. Interesting. Hat tip
  11. Payment gateway and merchant accounts from Sage. Includes support for deferred payments for up to 30 days. Very useful.
  12. Pimp your facebook fan page for $40 plus.
  13. Sell on facebook and other places. They handle everything for 7% plus 3% + 30c for card processing, but they'll take cards for you, no merchant account required, through elavon.
  14. Nice use of position:fixed for LiveChat, links to blog / facebook / twitter and tweet this, facebook like, google buzz, etc buttons. Very slick.
  15. Sell hosted content online. Two simple pricing structures 5.9% plus 95c per transaction or 8.9% with a 75c per transaction minimum. Highly customised order pages.
  16. Simple site to sell downloadable content. Integrates with a few payment gateways, PayPal, google checkout, amazon payments, and probably others. Free up to $50 a month or 5% plus 49c (5c < $2) per transaction, in addition to any checkout fees I assume.
  17. A cool little survey tool that uses a javascript slide out to ask questions of visitors. Free for a few surveys with ads, or $25 - $29 a month for no ads and more response tracking.
  18. Gazelle will take your old electronics and resell, reuse or recycle them for cash. Type in your item and they'll give you a price right away. Accept, they send you a box, you drop the item in the box and mail it back. Done. Michael S Cann invested.
  19. UK version of StubHub, online ticket marketplace. Michael S Cann invested in viagogo.
  20. Pearl's pitch is appealing. Integrate all your web services into one clean package. Let pearl handle CRM, accounting, billing, etc, etc. Feels a bit out of date, trying to be all things to all people. Interesting nonetheless.
  21. Epoch are an online payment processor. Rates from 15%, paid bi-weekly, 2 weeks in arrears. US / EU offering. Looks fairly legitimate. Alternative to PayPal, etc.
  22. Verotel is an online payment processor. They will process credit cards for you. Setup and monthly fees apply. Pro account is $1'000 USD setup, transaction fees are around 15%.
  23. GetShopped is a WordPressMU based ecommerce platform. It's initially free (limited to 200 transactions / month). No prices are available for the upgrades.
  24. CafePress allows you to create your own virtual shop of tshirts, mugs, and other merchandise. You upload the design and they handle the rest.
  25. Woot sells one item per day, for 24 hours, or until it sells out, whichever happens first. There are no second chances, no back orders, etc, etc. They have an "irreverent" marketing style. Quite amusing.

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