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  1. Kinda creepy tool that "enriches" data from users who enter email addresses into forms. It mines their social profiles, etc. Free for 100 contacts, then from $29/mth for 300 contacts per month, 10c each, not cheap.
  2. Tools to automate and track the success of repetitive emails. Insteads of copying / pasting the same pitches in email, use tout and track response, opens, clicks, etc on all the different templates. $30/month for 1 user, $50 for 3, $100 for 10.
  3. Take users email addresses and figure out what social networks they're on, plus all kinds of fancy whizzbangy magic added to find your "influencers", "sneezers" or whatever. They include email marketing it seems.
  4. pMailer is an "email delivery engine" based in South Africa. Email newsletters, tracking, all that usual gubbins I presume.

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