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  1. Useful list of VPN providers who are privacy focused. PIA is notably missing.
  2. VPN from the folks behind protonmail. $50/yr for 3 devices, $100/yr for 5 + 2 hop encryption.
  3. A new threshold signature scheme and working implementations with MultiBit + custom android cosigner. Very interesting.
  4. Excellent article explaining how to mount encrypted folders on OSX via the terminal, and thus be able to paste a password. Brilliant.
  5. An OUTSTANDING article on the process of creating a Bitcoin transaction by hand. Delves into a lot of detail. Very useful.
  6. Alternative to CrashPlan. Seems nice, same price (near enough) but will delete external drive files after 30 days. Sucky.
  7. Very useful article on priming the OCSP cache in nginx. Neat. It works, but nginx won't start unless this is done, which suggests problem.
  8. Very useful article on setting up nginx and OCSP. Trick in my case was to enable the correct protocols and / or cipher suites.
  9. Apparently one can secure a mac by issuing the command `sudo pmset -a destroyfvkeyonstandby 1` which tells it to destroy the FileVault keys on standby, whether standby to memory or disk.
  10. Article on how to use a YubiKey alongside SSH RSA key based login. Bit of a hack, but it appears to work. Nice.
  11. Article explaining how to use yubipam to enable yubikey authentication on a linux machine. However, yubipam only supports single factor auth, username + token, no additional password.
  12. PAM module that allows offline authentication against a yubikey. Requires a key to be retrieved from yubico by sending email plus payment info, etc. Less secure than online validation. Only supports single factor auth, username + token, no password.
  13. Script to enable a yubikey to be used with luks full disk encryption. Very interesting...
  14. The YubiKey is a USB device which appears to the computer as a keyboard. It has only 1 button, which when pressed, enters a one-time-password and then enter (can be configured). This can be verified against an online server, or offline via a few tools.
  15. One strategy to backup encrypted ecryptfs data as suggested by the author of ecryptfs. Useful and simple. Backup the metadata and the raw files with rsync.
  16. A critical utility for ecryptfs called ecryptfs-recover-private which automates and simplifies the process of recovering encrypted home directory data from Ubuntu.
  17. A different strategy to find an encrypted filename from an unencrypted filename under ecryptfs (Ubunut's encrypted home directory system).
  18. Interesting article including a script that figures out a mapping from unencrypted filenames into ecryptfs encrypted filenames. Potentially useful.
  19. Useful article about exporting data from revelation into a CSV ready for import into secrets, an Android password manager. Useful PHP script Revtrans which can decrypt and read the native revelation file format. Very handy.
  20. Good introduction on setting up mysql replication with SSL encryption. Some of the options have changed in mysql 5.5 (no moremaster-connect-retry) and some settings are not applicable to Ubuntu, but the gist of it is useful.
  21. Handy howto on encrypting files with openssl and a passphrase. Dead easy, `openssl aes-256-cbc -salt -in file -out file` then `openssl aes-256-cbc -d in file out file`. Can also be used in pipes like `tar cp /blah | openssl aes-256-cbc -salt -out b.tar``
  22. Free SSL certificates which are accepted by most modern browsers. Very cool.
  23. A javascript implementation of md5. Very handy.
  24. Encrypted backups which don't require you to trust the backup provider, although the code is open source but not free (as in freedom) and so there is only one possible provider...
  25. Article explaining how to mount an encrypted container on a remote system. The remote file container is mounted over sshfs then locally mounted via dm-crypt. This has some major challenges, the approach is interesting albeit not particularly practical.

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