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  1. A SAAS API for building activity streams that supports features like follow, notifications, and so on. 3m events per month free.
  2. Interesting alternative to FeedBurner. Private service that charges for feed stuff, email subscriptions, etc. Starts from $1.49 per month for up to 9 subscribers.
  3. Track a whole bunch of stuff online, automatically. Seems to be an RSS aggregator on steroids with a catalogue function built in so you can "shop" for feeds...
  4. Newspipe reads an OPML file and sends the feeds by email. It has one unique feature in that it can scrape the link url and send the full thing as a MIME attachment to an email. Good for feeds which only publish descriptions. Written in python.
  5. rss2imap is a little like feed2imap but much, much older (last change in rss2imap was 2006 vs 2008 for feed2imap). rss2imap is written in perl and needs a few perl modules installed to work.
  6. rss2email reads feeds and delivers them by smtp. Written in python by Aaron Swartz.
  7. Feed2Imap reads feeds and posts them to an IMAP server, directly into the folder specified. Similar to rss2mail or rss2email but directly to an imap folder. Written in ruby included in Ubuntu repos.
  8. xFruits is a sort of Yahoo! Pipes type service where you can take content and munge it into different forms. RSS to Atom, RSS to email, x RSS to 1 RSS, etc, etc.
  9. FeedRinse allows you to filter RSS and other feeds to strip out stuff you don't want including profanity filters, field based filters, regex filters, and more. Hosted service. The pro version is now free.
  10. I think Dapper turns any static site into dynamic content (RSS, XML, and more), widgets, facebook apps, etc. It's a content dynamifier I suppose.
  11. Gregarius is a web-based RSS/RDF/ATOM feed aggregator, designed to run on your web server, allowing you to access your news sources from wherever you want.
  12. TwitterFeed allows you to specify an RSS or Atom feed and have the items automatically posted to a twitter account of your choice (you have to provide the us/pw). Currently free, and "in beta".
  13. A PHP feed aggregator. Uses the SimpleFeed plugin in later versions. Essentially an online RSS reader.
  14. Does what it says on the tin, blends feeds. Give it a bunch of feed urls and it'll whip up together into one rich, dark, feed smoothie!

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