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  1. VPN from the folks behind protonmail. $50/yr for 3 devices, $100/yr for 5 + 2 hop encryption.
  2. privbind runs an application as an unprivileged user after binding it to a privileged port. Great for running node on 80 for example...
  3. This probably contains the logic necessary to implement mailgate. Maybe, but maybe not.
  4. Paid localhost tunnelling option. Has some kind of free option I think, but also has paid plans. Probably pretty slick, haven't tried it.
  5. Pretty slick looking tunnels to localhost, seems to log the requests so they can be replayed, etc. More feature rich than localtunnel, but requires some weird install / download, has a paid version, and probably isn't open source.
  6. Genius. Npm install it `npm install -g localtunnel` then run `lt --port 8080` and it spits out an HTTPS url which will forward to localhost:8080. Free and incredibly useful.
  7. Forwarding all web traffic from an old to a new server with nginx, includes a sample config for nginx. Useful.
  8. How to create "minus addresses" on Google Apps. It involves creating a catch-all and creating filters that forward the messages to the appropriate account. Clever workaround.

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