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  1. Redirected from - offers free templates of legal docs that can be used on web sites.
  2. Paid localhost tunnelling option. Has some kind of free option I think, but also has paid plans. Probably pretty slick, haven't tried it.
  3. Pretty slick looking tunnels to localhost, seems to log the requests so they can be replayed, etc. More feature rich than localtunnel, but requires some weird install / download, has a paid version, and probably isn't open source.
  4. Genius. Npm install it `npm install -g localtunnel` then run `lt --port 8080` and it spits out an HTTPS url which will forward to localhost:8080. Free and incredibly useful.
  5. AWESOME! Well, as #awesome as windows / IE can get. Download virtualbox (or other) images of IE6-11 / Windows for testing. Licensed, legal, and everything!
  6. Free dynamic dns provider with a simple (albeit not so elegant) API and so on. Supports the dyndns2 protocol, which means plenty of clients should be available.
  7. Alternative to Caffeine which appears to be a bit more involved, potentially more powerful, but certainly more complex.
  8. Handy equivalent to baobab on Mac. Analyses disk usage and presents it in a much more useful way than GrandPerspective with it's tree thing. Very handy. Not free(dom) but free (beer).
  9. Open source GPL app that will analyse disk usage on OSX.
  10. Great little (free, beer) app for OSX that shows detailed battery information.
  11. Useful online book on statistics. A work in progress, but looks very valuable.
  12. A very, very, very verbose article on how to ask smart questions in IRC / etc. Great for sending to n00bs! :-)
  13. Reliable source of Google AdWords credit vouchers.
  14. Thank you page which includes free google adwords vouchers.
  15. A site that lists other sites which provide free SMS services. This is the UK page. Useful.
  16. Kevin Kelly talking about the 8 things people will pay for in the network economy. Very useful reference article.
  17. Nice free icons set released under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license.
  18. Offers free incoming Washington state SIP based numbers. Apparently their revenue model is the ~1c termination fees they make. No customer service is provided. Interesting.
  19. Free domain names (without DNS) on the and subdomains. Requests require human approval and so can take a few days. Interface is plain text to email, old school!
  20. An incredible little open source certified license. :-)
  21. A spin off from FreeMind by one of the lead developers. Open source mind mapping software. Not sure of the differences.
  22. 279 days to overnight success, the manifesto by Chris Guillebeau.
  23. Quite a famous set of icons set released under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license and a debian compatible license.

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