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  1. Toptal for teams. No pricing. Pricing way below superlumen billing on average.
  2. Neat little open source time tracking app for Mac. Simple, open source, and gets the job done.
  3. A freelancer outsourcing site similar to rentacoder / elance / / etc. Includes escrow.
  4. is a freelancing / outsourcing service similar to elance / scritplance / rentacoder.
  5. Elance is an outsourcing web site similar to scriptlance / get a freelancer / rentacoder / / etc.
  6. oDesk is a little like RentaCoder but provides a fuller service including staff monitoring so projects can be paid by the hour.
  7. Jelly is a bi-weekly working meeting where people get together to work in someone's house. It's a co-working type thing for people who can work remotely.
  8. Post a design brief and a reward, then designers submit designs in a competition format with you choosing the winner

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