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  1. StackOverflow plus cash. Pay to have questions answered. Answers are public for all to benefit from.
  2. Commit to monthly donations to support developers who make cool shit. Potentially awesome.
  3. Put a bounty on any GitHub issue, either pledging, or collecting.
  4. A great article on the apparent insanity of venture capital funding economics and how vcs make decisions.
  5. Crowdfunding business in the UK. Similar to KickStarter, but focused on actually buying equity rather than a finished product. Seems a lot less polished and much smaller scale that kickstarter.
  6. People pledge to make payments, developers deliver, then payments are collected. Similar to kickstart, but a little different. Very cool. Hat tip Anthony Feint.
  7. TechStars publish funding documents to give startups and founders a starting point. Very useful.
  8. Seedcamp is similar to Y Combinator or TechStars but based in Europe, with the camp in London. Seed funding and support for tech startup businesses.
  9. This article is meant to be a complete summary of funding options for startup founders. In effect we're open-sourcing the kernel of what we tell founders about funding at Y Combinator.
  10. California based venture capital company focusing on seed funding, started by two stanford graduates.

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