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  1. A GitHub clone built in go that you run offline, 100% free & open source.
  2. Some sort of unified communication tool. Get all your "stuff" in one place, for the whole team. Free, and plans from $8 to $20 per month per user. Big focus on mobile apps.
  3. Commit to monthly donations to support developers who make cool shit. Potentially awesome.
  4. Put a bounty on any GitHub issue, either pledging, or collecting.
  5. Awesome report card generated from public GitHub info. Impressively fast also. Mostly humorous but potentially useful.
  6. GitHub's javascript (or ranmther CoffeeScript) styleguide. Useful.
  7. Simple regexes to handle device detection within varnish. Includes links to documentation and suggested implementations. Neat.
  8. A script to set up and deploy django servers. Hat tip rob.

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