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  1. Some great links to tools that help with marketing automation. Awesome stuff.
  2. A rather interesting little tool for double nat traversal, uses some clever ICMP response / hacks. Smart.
  3. A raspberry pi on steroids, 4 core processor + 2G ram, 100 ethernet, 3 USB2 ports. Missing USB3 and gigabit ethernet. $65 / €70. Useful for home built NAS etc.
  4. AWESOME! Order sims from a whole bunch of countries for $5 plus $11 shipping. Freaking genius.
  5. Annoying bug in OSX internet connection sharing that screws the default route when it's enabled. Fix is `sudo route del default && sudo route add default` (get the default route before enabling).
  6. Make the cursor repeat even faster than is possible with the system preferences options.
  7. Couple of simple commands to setup shared terminal sessions with screen. Neat. Requires some permission changes on some hosts. Awesome for paired programming.
  8. Neat webapp that converts javascript into coffeescript and vice versa. Handy for figuring out the syntax.
  9. A really simple walkthrough of how an auto tweeting tool was created in node.js. Includes some useful links to node-oauth, forever (monit for node), and express, a web framework for node!
  10. A clever pseudo-hack that allows a web site to determine if I'm logged into facebook / gmail / digg / possibly other sites based on various urls which are only accessible to logged in users. Obviously smashed by noscript... :-)
  11. A list of ROM packages for the Nexus S, migrated from the xda-developers forum.
  12. A list of ROM packages for the Nexus S, the post says it has been migrated to a new location on a blog.
  13. A whole heap of voice and sms APIs, in a similar vein to twilio / tropo, but seemingly a broader offering, and possibly a later entrant to the market.
  14. Similar to Twilio, send / receive voice & sms via APIs. Doesn't appear to be as quickly evolving as twilio, but free for development use.
  15. Absolutely awesome javascript editor based in the browser. Four panes to edit HTML, CSS and Javascript and then see the rendered result. Wicked crazy awesome, pastebin on bat shit crazy steroids!
  16. Developer APIs for placing calls and sending SMS messages. Handles both incoming and outgoing, but only sends texts in the US and only has incoming US / Canadian numbers.
  17. Very handy script that might provide a way of using the browser as a proxy. Needs a little investigation to be sure.
  18. A blocklist provider that gives access to a whole range of blocklists in one place. Very useful for transnmission, etc.
  19. Some kind of alternative app market based on subscription, starts from $9.99 a year.
  20. A Windows desktop client that allows downloading from the Android market. Requires Google username / password and some other data that appears to be sniffed off the device.
  21. Incredible little app that can run from an iPod on Linux / Mac / Windows and lets you manage your iPod. Beautiful. :-) Continuation of Yamipod.
  22. Step by step instructions on how to flash the rom of the Nexus One. Only missing part is the udev rules for Ubuntu.
  23. Used these instructions to unlock the boot loader of the Nexus One.
  24. I installed the udev rules from this page on Ubuntu to get the HTC Google Android Nexus One properly recognised by Ubuntu.
  25. I downloaded fastboot from this page for the HTC Google Nexus One.

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