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  1. tmux cheat sheet (also for screen apparently!). Handy for all kinds of things. Many commands can be run like `tmux foo`.
  2. Make the cursor repeat even faster than is possible with the system preferences options.
  3. Awesome report card generated from public GitHub info. Impressively fast also. Mostly humorous but potentially useful.
  4. AWESOME! Adds a quick look option to see inside zip files. Just copy to /Library/QuickLook and then press space on a zip file, genius, simple, should be part of OSX.
  5. Couple of simple commands to setup shared terminal sessions with screen. Neat. Requires some permission changes on some hosts. Awesome for paired programming.
  6. Exposes additional preference settings for OSX allowing things like sloppy focus (activate window on mouseover) and probably other cool stuff. Must have.
  7. $5 app for OSX that pops up the iOS style cut copy paste options above any selected text. Supports an MIT licensed extension system. Might support auto-copying, if not, probably easy enough with an extension.
  8. Good wee article on lifehacker hilghlighting 10 underrated mac apps worth having. A few are free, and some seem worth checking out.
  9. A clever pseudo-hack that allows a web site to determine if I'm logged into facebook / gmail / digg / possibly other sites based on various urls which are only accessible to logged in users. Obviously smashed by noscript... :-)
  10. A Windows desktop client that allows downloading from the Android market. Requires Google username / password and some other data that appears to be sniffed off the device.
  11. Step by step instructions on how to flash the rom of the Nexus One. Only missing part is the udev rules for Ubuntu.
  12. Used these instructions to unlock the boot loader of the Nexus One.
  13. I installed the udev rules from this page on Ubuntu to get the HTC Google Android Nexus One properly recognised by Ubuntu.
  14. Detailed walk through with pictures on how to open and disassemble the Kindle 2. The battery is fairly easily replaceable.
  15. All sorts of goodies released under the GPL from the folks behind WordPress. Including jobs, stats stuff, mediawiki login integration, wpshell, and lots more.
  16. I think this was the original "tether your kindle via usbnetworking" post. The same fella also hacked his Kindle to get Ubuntu running (more or less) on it.
  17. A handy addon by one of the Greasemonkey developers that allows ctrl-t to open a new tab to the right of the current tab. It has some quirks though...
  18. Series of bookmarklets that help manipulate forms including the "remember password" one which disables autocomplete=off.
  19. Very handy CSS hack cheat sheet. Includes a whole load of IE5 / IE6 / IE7 stuff. Came in very useful for an all but IE7 selector. :)

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