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  1. Very handy tool that will tell you if gzip or deflate is enabled on a url or not.
  2. Very useful walkthrough on setting up munin to monitor Varnish. Explains how to install and configure munin, which is very simple and very valuable.
  3. Handy article introducing chef and providing a few links. A little out of date now, but provides a useful intro.
  4. Interesting article on how webpop built their infrastructure on Rackspace's cloud. Includes links to a few useful tools (chef, wormly, new relic, nagios, ganglia, and others).
  5. Handy article explaining how to measure the (speed) time of an http request using curl. The key is -w "%{time_connect}:%{time_starttransfer}:%{time_total}\n" which outputs the times.
  6. More info on measuring page load speed from StackOverflow.
  7. Useful pointers on how to store varnish cache on disk. Very easy, recommends using ext2 and noatime / nodiratime to improve disk throughput. Smart.
  8. A magento varnish plugin that enables varnish caching on Magento sites.
  9. Very interesting question that has lots of useful links on persistent object / value stores that are similar to memcache. Answer seems to be couchbase.
  10. This says it all, couchbase includes memcached as part of it, and can operate in "pure memcache" mode or can add persistence and other features behind memcached. Sounds like it'll do what we're after.
  11. Very useful article outlining the broad basics of optimising Magento. Includes links to more detailed information and lots of config file examples. Very useful.
  12. Very detailed article explaining how Magento implements its caching mechanism. It seems to be some custom classes layered on top of Zend's caching framework. Useful read.
  13. Excellent article describing in depth how to have PHP store session data in memcached and the differences between the memcache and memcached implementations in PHP. Very useful.
  14. Another cloud based scale solution for MySQL, aims to simplify deploying MySQL "in the cloud".
  15. Cloud based database that tries to achieve a new type of scalable, highly available, fault tolerant persistent data storage layer in "the cloud".
  16. Tool that tries to automate the scaling and replication of MySQL database in "the cloud".
  17. Interesting write up by James at Incsub on how they handle scale on edublogs. Some good advice although a little light on specifics, a good starting point for research.
  18. Put simply, Puppet is a system for automating system administration tasks. It's a language to define services, nodes, dependencies, and so on. Then it handles the "realisation" or "execution" of those definitions across multiple platforms, etc.
  19. Capistrano is a system built in Ruby to execute commands on many servers, in parallel via SSH. Config files, jobs, etc are written in Ruby.
  20. YSlow is an extension for Firebug which shows ways to speed up page loads. It's published by Yahoo as part of their developer network.
  21. SystemImager is software which automates Linux installs, software distribution, and production deployment. It allows you to install complete system images to many hosts, from one image server. It's quite advanced, would take some learning.
  22. Collectl is a system monitoring tool. It logs a wide range of system metrics (disk, cpu, io, etc) and stores them in a variety of formats. It tries to cover all the bases unlike some other tools which focus on one or two methods.
  23. Ultra Moneky is a load balancer similar to the likes of pound and haproxy. It allows multiple web servers to be seen as 1 by the client.
  24. HAProxy is a TCP proxy / load balancer which will work for HTTP and a range of other applications. It advertises a small but expert user base and offers a range of very useful load balancing features. Apparently it competes with pound and ultramonkey.
  25. Collectd is a simple, small utility to log system load every 10 seconds. It's written in C so it's not a script and offers good performance.

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