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  1. The CakePHP MongoDB plugin. Include the plugin, create a model, flag it to be sent to Mongo, and boom, your'e in business. Simple, elegant.
  2. Useful intro to using MongoDB with CakePHP. Works quite nicely, load the plugin, specify your model should use Mongo, and boom, you're in business.
  3. Useful article mixing restify, node.js and coffeescript. Very handy for the basic design patterns and language layouts, even if it's a really simple example.
  4. Useful posts from Antonio Ramirez on the Yii framework. This is the category, there's quite a lot of helpful stuff in there.
  5. Tips on running Ubuntu on an SSD. Useful to check back when upgrading to 10.10 or later.
  6. A detailed walk through on how to rebuild the stock KLR shock. Includes a few pictures and great instructions.
  7. A really handy klr faq covering all the most common questions and issues. She's an old bike, most items are covered here, quickly and efficiently.
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  8. Thread explaining how to share a wired internet connection over a wireless network in ad-hoc mode on ubuntu including dhcp setup.
  9. How to instal VMWare 1.0.7 on Ubuntu 8.10. Includes link to a recent version of the any-any patch.
  10. Walkthrough on setting up Ubuntu Hardy Heron with full disk encryption. Very handy. :)
  11. Handy howto from the debian manual on browsing packages with apt. Includes explanations of the most common operations (apt-cache search, etc) and what they do.
  12. A tutorial on setting up encrypted partitions in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (7.10). Goes into some detail as to what each command does. Useful.
  13. An article on how to create an encrypted volume and then four ways to benchmark encrypted disk performance. Summary, the author estimates a 10% performance cost on a 3.2GHz system, 4Gb memory, no swap.
  14. Howto run anacron as a regular user. Handy guide to the core concept, although the step by step instructions are a not totally relevant.
    02-06-2008 to , ,
  15. This is an article on javascript arrays. It provides a good walkthrough on how to filter an array, including some prototype code to add the .filter() method in IE.
  16. Adding Sun's Java Web Start functionality under Fedora 7
  17. How to install and compile the ipw3945 stuff on Fedora 7
  18. 19-06-2007 to , , ,

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