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  1. Tool to quickly and easily add text to image. Ideal. Super simple, fast and easy, no signup or other bullshit, just use it and go.
  2. Sites to find free stock images, some look nice. Useful list.
  3. Another cloudinary alternative. Free for 25k per month, then $9 a month.
  4. Nice full screen image module for javascript, with no external dependencies. Creates a pleasant scroll around with your mouse full screen pop up.
  5. Alternative to cloudinary with strictly on demand pricing, $3 per 1k images used (per month) plus 8c per GB of bandwidth. Exceptionally reasonable bandwidth charges...
  6. Quick and easy docker wrapper for cassandra, supports single cluster.
  7. Nice free icons set released under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license.
  8. A sort of pastebin style something for content like images (maybe video and others as well).
  9. A whopping 900 map icons, released under the GPLv3. Colour coded, categorised, and all sorts.
  10. An interesting jQuery / Colorbox (aka Thickbox / Lightbox) plugin for WordPress. Integrates with the [gallery] shortcode automatically and has a few themes bundled. Might be bloaty.
  11. A freeware Windows application called JPEG Resizer from Virtualzone.
  12. Quite a famous set of icons set released under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license and a debian compatible license.

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