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  1. Interesting VPN service. Bit pricey, but there's a 2 year plan for $80 which makes it pretty cheap. Includes SOCKS5 support, and allows 6 simultaneous connections. Claims absolutely no logs.
  2. Annoying bug in OSX internet connection sharing that screws the default route when it's enabled. Fix is `sudo route del default && sudo route add default` (get the default route before enabling).
  3. Free dynamic dns provider with a simple (albeit not so elegant) API and so on. Supports the dyndns2 protocol, which means plenty of clients should be available.
  4. Great little application which enables (very seamlessly) USB tethering on a mac for android devices. Beautiful. Open source
  5. Very useful tip on how to rate limit apt-get or aptitude. Upshot is for apt-get it's `sudo apt-get -o Acquire::http::Dl-limit=25k update`
  6. Seth riffs on how to make money online. A series of simple, low risk business ideas that with some effort could make cash.
  7. USB_ModeSwitch is a little script to help switch multi-mode USB devices between modes. Mostly it's for 3g wireless modems which load initially as a usb drive with the Windows drivers. Compatible with the Huawe E220 and E169.
  8. Article on how to get the Huawei E169 running on the EEE PC (a Linux distro). Includes very detailed instructions including links to USB_ModeSwitch.

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