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  1. Wicked site to generate HTML5 boilerplates or starting points from which to design stuff. includes bootstrap, Google Analytics, and loads more stuff. Very, very useful.
  2. Absolutely awesome javascript editor based in the browser. Four panes to edit HTML, CSS and Javascript and then see the rendered result. Wicked crazy awesome, pastebin on bat shit crazy steroids!
  3. An interesting jQuery / Colorbox (aka Thickbox / Lightbox) plugin for WordPress. Integrates with the [gallery] shortcode automatically and has a few themes bundled. Might be bloaty.
  4. John Resig (jQuery developer) riffing on why google groups is dead. Some good points, they moved the jquery discussion over to a zoho discussion product instead.
  5. jQuery is a small, lightweight javascript frameworks that helps to automate events, ajax, and so on. It's released under either the GPL or MIT licenses.

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