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  1. An offline-first, no-backend framework for building web apps. Has some similarities to meteor, but is more about removing the need for a backend.
  2. Handy online visualiser for json data. Can get slow with large files, but it's useful nonetheless.
  3. Absolutely awesome javascript editor based in the browser. Four panes to edit HTML, CSS and Javascript and then see the rendered result. Wicked crazy awesome, pastebin on bat shit crazy steroids!
  4. Local data store abstraction layer in javascript, tries IndexDB, WebSQL, Google Gears, then localSotrage in that order. Very useful for cross browser data storage.
  5. Dean Edwards javascript packer. Copy / paste some js code, it'll pack on the fly for you. Including the option to shorten variable names, and even base64 encode for super duper pack'ed ness.
  6. The WP JS plugin combines multiple javascript files used by WordPress into one single, gzipped file for faster download, fewer connections.
  7. This is an article on javascript arrays. It provides a good walkthrough on how to filter an array, including some prototype code to add the .filter() method in IE.

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