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  1. A flashcard app that runs everywhere and (compellingly) claims to be good.
  2. Good article on how to handle deliberately empty values in Go, useful when using PATCH or PUT on JSON APIs.
  3. Phenomenal list of API tools. Extremely useful. Includes all kinds of stuff, from localhost tunnelling to postman, curl alternatives, and more.
  4. Simple explanation of the Coandă effect, where a stream of water wants to stick to a curved surface (surface tension is also involved with water), and air does the same. Put a bottle in front of a candle and blow out the candle "around" the bottle...
  5. Simple intro to Cassandra from node.js. Doesn't create a mock cluster, but talks through a simple add data, output data in node.
  6. A really good intro on how to set up a mock 3 node cassandra cluster and connect to it with node. Excellent starting point.
  7. Useful quick intro to YAML.
  8. Get child minders who will speak in English to your kids in France. Jasmine worked here.
  9. Useful online book on statistics. A work in progress, but looks very valuable.
  10. An online book (or $2.99 pdf) on learning python. Looks interesting. Smart name.
  11. 800 CEO Read accounts for a large chunk of Seth Godin's early book sales. Online book store, I'm assuming focused on business books.
  12. Get a weekly dose of philosophy distilled down by Brian Johnson, who runs the site. Easily consumed in a 6 page PDF or 20 minute MP3. $40 for the year.
  13. Bucky was a mentor to Robert Kiyosaki. Among other things he patented (although didn't invent) geodesic domes (domes constructed from trianglular sections).
  14. Robert Kiyosaki - Choose to be Rich on
  15. VideJug is a YouTube like video hosting site, which seems to focus on training videos. Training is very broadly used though, anything from "Avoid Trapped Arm Whilst Cuddling In Bed " to using RSS.
  16. The Creative Camera Club in Cape Town is a photographer's club which meets once monthly and has a monthly photo shoot. Membership is open to all. You can attned 2 meets and 2 shoots before joining. At Jan 2008 membership was R150.
  17. A self taught MBA type course in business through reading.

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