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  1. Alternative to Caffeine which appears to be a bit more involved, potentially more powerful, but certainly more complex.
  2. Great little (free, beer) app for OSX that shows detailed battery information.
  3. $5 app for OSX that pops up the iOS style cut copy paste options above any selected text. Supports an MIT licensed extension system. Might support auto-copying, if not, probably easy enough with an extension.
  4. Install this, prey, on phone (and laptop?). It's remote wipe, track, etc software, and it's free up to 3 devices apparently.
  5. Simple clipboard buffer (keeps a clipboard history). Not quite select / middle click, but a step in the right direction.
  6. A must have mouse customisation app for OSX which is free (as in beer?). Includes awesomeness like snap windows to positions and other genius. Looks outstandingly useful.

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