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  1. Very handy page that contains a list of all the url parameters for Google Maps allowing the easy creation of custom maps without a google account. :-)
  2. MapForce software that converts all sorts of plain text data files into KML or other mapping formats. Includes a feature to generate royalty-free executables that re-run the conversion process, interesting. Expensive.
  3. An AWESOME piece of code that creates a python based gui google maps browser and auto-downloader for offline user. Really, really, really useful. :-)
  4. Handy google map that has a ruler. Drop points on the map and it calculates a running total of the distance between them.
  5. A CC-BY-SA licensed world map with the equator marked courtesy of wikiCommons. Could be useful for building other maps.
  6. The Ramer-Douglas-Peucker algorithm allows a curve to be reduced to fewer points with minimal distortion. Useful in mapping to simplify plots based on zoom level.
  7. ModestMaps is an open source flash (ActionScript) library that displays tiled images (from google maps, open street map, and others). Similar but smaller /simpler than OpenLayers and in ActionScript not Javascript.
  8. OpenLayers ia a pure Javascript mapping library that uses a number of commercial / open tile providers but creates its own API completely bypassing the commercial API.
  9. Comparison of Mapstraction and OpenLayers from an OpenLayers developer. Useful and balanced discussion of the differences.
  10. Mapstraction is a library that provides a common API for various javascript mapping APIs to enable switching from one to another as smoothly as possible.
  11. Flickr produce maps of geotagged photos. Could be useful in putting a travel map together.
  12. CloudMade are a mapping technology company built by some of the people behind, using that data as a base. Professional open source mapping services.
  13. Download maps for the Map application on the N810 tablet without using the in-built software. Very useful. :-)
  14. BrightKite is location based social networking. It will post your current location to twitter, and other cool stuff. Currently invitation only (unlimited invitations).
  15. OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world. It's a wiki-like map which users can edit. You can upload GPS traces of areas and add street names, etc. Eat your heart out Google Maps.
  16. Yellow Pages provide the (currently, Jan 08) best available online mapping service for South Africa while Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, etc appear to have no street level data.
  17. Want to put a Google map on your web page? With GMapEZ there's no JavaScript to write and nothing to download. You simply insert a div, add some xml, and bingo, the javascript does the rest.
  18. A PHP class that allows for the easy (and relatively painless) insertion of Google maps into web pages. Instantiate the class, call a few methods, bingo.
  19. Google Maps API Class. Insert Google maps with simple PHP class method (function) calls.

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