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  1. Tool to create infographics. Has some kind of free tier, then it's $20/mth or $50/mth.
  2. Kasper's SEO tool.
  3. Marketing automation which means send events to drip and then trigger emails and other stuff at various points in a user's journey. Free for 100 contacts, $50/mth for 2.5k, $100/mth for 5k.
  4. Landing page builder, starts at $37/month. Hot on the heels of unbounce.
  5. Platform that tries to rate what tools companies are using. Looks interesting, has slack, trello, GitHub, Google Analytics on the homepage. Could be useful for discovering new stuff. Maybe useful as a marketing platform.
  6. It's not really free, but close. Costs $108/yr or $15/mth to remove their branding. Plus they monetise by selling virtual operators.
  7. Some great links to tools that help with marketing automation. Awesome stuff.
  8. Tools to automate and track the success of repetitive emails. Insteads of copying / pasting the same pitches in email, use tout and track response, opens, clicks, etc on all the different templates. $30/month for 1 user, $50 for 3, $100 for 10.
  9. Fancy digital marketing thingy. Not exactly sure what it is or how well it works, but it's expensive, starts $3k/year.
  10. Great article talking about whether a product helps people improve (vitamin) or solves a painful problem (pain killer). The latter being what people buy most easily. Also introduces the concept of pain points, when products go from vitamin to pain killer.
  11. Buy or sell ads for twitter followers. Interesting, sales based on impressions.
  12. Pimp your facebook fan page for $40 plus.
  13. Sell on facebook and other places. They handle everything for 7% plus 3% + 30c for card processing, but they'll take cards for you, no merchant account required, through elavon.
  14. Get a grade for your twitter profile. I was rated 1m out of 8m, whatever that means. Used by to gauge price of paid tweets.
  15. Link from Dafydd. Interesting business offering cost per acquisition based online marketing services. Worth pursuing at the relevant time.
  16. Tagline "Online advertising technology. made simple". Not quite sure what it does, but looks worth remembering.
  17. Nice social bookmarking plugin for WordPress. Creates really slick pop-up icons that are half hidden and jump upwards on mouseover. Very cool. From (and maybe somebody called Josh Jones).
  18. Create landing pages, starts from $25 a month for 1'000 unique visitors up to $500 a month for 100k uniques. They better generate conversions at those prices!

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