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  1. Awesome report card generated from public GitHub info. Impressively fast also. Mostly humorous but potentially useful.
  2. Enter a twitter username and get a "follow cost" for them. How many tweets they post and how many are replies, as well as, golden, how many tweets are exactly 140 chars!
  3. Plagger is like pipes for news feeds. You can read feeds from almost anywhere and output them to almost anywhere. It's written in perl.
  4. xFruits is a sort of Yahoo! Pipes type service where you can take content and munge it into different forms. RSS to Atom, RSS to email, x RSS to 1 RSS, etc, etc.
  5. I think Dapper turns any static site into dynamic content (RSS, XML, and more), widgets, facebook apps, etc. It's a content dynamifier I suppose.

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