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  1. Great deals on German phone contracts. Check the details and the small print carefully...
  2. Cheap German phone company with the option to choose D Net (better signal, coverage, more expensive) or E Net (cheaper).
  3. Cheap German phone company with the option to choose D Net (better signal, coverage, more expensive) or E Net (cheaper).
  4. Some sort of unified communication tool. Get all your "stuff" in one place, for the whole team. Free, and plans from $8 to $20 per month per user. Big focus on mobile apps.
  5. Prototyping tool to build prototype apps, web apps, mobile apps, etc. Free plan pretty limited, starts at $29/month for usable plan.
  6. Useful article explaining in simple detail how scrolling and onscroll events happen (or don't happen) on various mobile devices. Bit dated, but still useful.
  7. Simple regexes to handle device detection within varnish. Includes links to documentation and suggested implementations. Neat.
  8. Prepaid mobile network in France with no expiry on the credit. BINGO!
  9. German mobile telco from Aldi. Offers great roaming data deals 7 days, 65mb for €5 anywhere in Europe.
  10. A mobile telco in Belgium which offers pretty incredible deals, €15 for 2Gb of data, 1k texts, plus the €15 as credit. Plenty of calls to other on-net customers also.
  11. Mobile performance testing platform from akamai based on the infrastructure, free. Useful.
  12. Dad's orange unlimited landline / mobiles in France package details, includes many more countries than the deal.
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  13. Seems to be the best way to build cross platform mobile apps around. It's open source, free, and includes a cloud based build platform that will build an app for multiple mobile environments all "in the cloud". Easy.
  14. Very handy tool that allows one to preview a site as it might look in a variety of browsers on a variety of platforms. Clever.
  15. Incredibly interesting app development platform that builds apps for all platforms (desktop & mobile, including linux, yay!) quickly with a single API. Open source, free, pay for premium support. Very, very interesting business.
  16. Nerdtastic article on using meta tags and CSS to optimise site widths for mobile devices. Delves into a vastly deep amount of detail that explains why a simple principle will usually work. Useful.
  17. A sweet little app that needs a one line edit to Apache's config in order to run a basic weave (firefox sync) server. Welcome to my own firefox data backed up on my own server... :-)
  18. Download apks of mobile firefox directly and skip the Google market bs. Very useful, was a pain in the ass finding this.

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