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  1. A monitoring notification routing + event processing system. Take events or failures or alerts from various systems and then roll them up (combine them into a single alert), notify people, and so on. Integrates with PagerDuty, or is an alternative.
  2. Useful article covering how to create an upstart script for nodejs, also applies to coffeescript. I didn't use this one so much, I used the other one, but this has some other useful info.
  3. Simple script to monitor mysql replication delay. It updates a value on the master every second and checks how far behind the value is on the slave. Simple yet effective.
  4. Clever approach to monitoring mysql replication with monit. Ruby script checks replication is running and then touches a file, monit in turn monitors that file's timestamp and if it gets out of date, sends an alert. Sort of like a dead man switch. Clever.
  5. A very useful SSL check utility which will support non standard port numbers. Useful for monit debugging on port 2812.
  6. Very simple web monitoring system that checks if a site is online and sends alerts by SMS If down. They also offer a free monit aggregation service. Plans start £3/month basic, £5/month for 5 sites every 30 seconds plus 15 sms credits / month.
  7. A free hosted version of the open source monit-aggregator written by Matt Fawcett. Appears to be free with no node restriction.
  8. Source code of monit-aggregator by Matt Fawcett / He offers a free hosted version at that site.
  9. A howto on setting up monit on an Ubuntu server. Fairly simple and straightforward. Includes basic info on customising alerts and so on.

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