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  1. New alternative to pingdom with super low pricing on a per check basis and some neat integrations. Looks good. Hat tip Mikael.
  2. A monitoring notification routing + event processing system. Take events or failures or alerts from various systems and then roll them up (combine them into a single alert), notify people, and so on. Integrates with PagerDuty, or is an alternative.
  3. Quick / easy script to monitor nginx from zabbix by having the client run a command to gather data.
  4. Quick / easy script to monitor mysql from zabbix by having the client run a command to gather data.
  5. Neat recipe for monitoring apache with zabbix. Uses a quick / easy setup method that has the zabbix agent run a command to gather the data. Not the most efficient, but surely easy.
  6. Very useful page which documents what the various zabbix items actually mean. Invaluable.
  7. Handy little script to monitor varnish stats from zabbix. Awesome.
  8. Yet another monitoring app. Copper Egg combines real user monitoring, generic metric logging, server monitoring and maybe other stuff(?) into one application. Pricing starts at $19/month. Not unreasonable.
  9. Really detailed tool that diagnoses in great detail each step of the DNS resolution process for a domain. Free and invaluable.
  10. A zabbix monitoring script for varnish ported from cacti.
  11. Simple script to monitor mysql replication delay. It updates a value on the master every second and checks how far behind the value is on the slave. Simple yet effective.
  12. Clever approach to monitoring mysql replication with monit. Ruby script checks replication is running and then touches a file, monit in turn monitors that file's timestamp and if it gets out of date, sends an alert. Sort of like a dead man switch. Clever.
  13. In a similar vein to cloudflare / yottaa, strangeloop offer a performance enhancement service through a physical / cloud based appliance. It uses the standard techniques, js/css combining, sprites, cdn, tailoring to the browser, and so on. No pricing. :-(
  14. Similar to CloudFlare but more expensive ($30/mth no ssl, $130/mth with ssl) it accelerates web sites through the use of CDN, js/css combining, etc.
  15. loudFlare is an automated CDN / content acceleration type service. It acts as a reverse proxy providing some sort of heuristic security scanning, logging of traffic, and an automatically configured CDN. $15 + $5/site/month.
  16. Performance testing, monitoring, and some kind of fix-it service, mostly in private beta. Flashy, funky, cool, style design and chat with limited technical details.
  17. Very simple web monitoring system that checks if a site is online and sends alerts by SMS If down. They also offer a free monit aggregation service. Plans start £3/month basic, £5/month for 5 sites every 30 seconds plus 15 sms credits / month.
  18. A free hosted version of the open source monit-aggregator written by Matt Fawcett. Appears to be free with no node restriction.
  19. Source code of monit-aggregator by Matt Fawcett / He offers a free hosted version at that site.
  20. A Magento extension to integrate with NewRelic's monitoring system. I suppose it's a Magento wrapper for the NewRelic PHP library.
  21. A web based tool to produce graphs based on data stored in RRDTool, usually used as a front end for data collected through systems like nagios.
  22. A great discussion on the comparison between nagios and zabbix and other monitoring platforms. Very useful insights although a few years old.
  23. A cloud monitoring / type service. Partly open source.
  24. Takes alerts from monitoring systems and sends emails, phone calls and SMS messages. Handles on-call schedules, escalation, acknowledgement, etc.
  25. Hosted zabbiz service, starts at €5 per server per month. Not sure about data retention.

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