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  1. Insane motorcycle riding, probably somewhere in Europe, pulling wheelies and such at around 300km/h.
  2. Retarded motorcycle video of a guy taunting the police in the UK.
  3. List of international Kawasaki dealers.
  4. Kawasaki part number search. Find part numbers and diagrams for the KLR650 and other Kawasaki bikes.
  5. Torque values for the KLR 650. Very handy. :-)
  6. $22 clamp to mount a camera onto a vehicle window. Could be hooked onto a motorbike with a little effort.
  7. Collection of feedback on various tyres from a KLR650 mailing list. Very useful info on all the major tyres.
  8. Detailed instructions with pictures on upgrading the doohickey on a KLR650.
  9. A mechanical engineer tests various theories on a KLR650 including the Thermo-Bob cooling bypass, wd40 chain lube, and others.

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