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  1. Trip report on crossing the Darien Gap for $230, took ages, 5 separate boats, lots of wetness, sounds like an adventure!
  2. Hostel in Panama recommended on the HUBB (horizons unlimited) as a place to start a crossing of the Darien Gap in Panama.
  3. The Sink no Bob is an easily attached clip on side stand extender. Works with almost any kick stand, attaches to the foot to increase the surface area. $17 USD plus shipping.
  4. Corbin make aftermarket motorcycle seats for a wide range of bikes including the KLR650. They offer 3 types of seat in the $400 region. Generally well reviewed.
  5. TPI make their own custom motorcycle seats, I think based on Corbin seats.
  6. Custom motorcycle seat manufacturer. You send your existing seat along with photos of you on the bike and they return a custom seat. Based in Kingston, Washington just west of Seattle.
  7. Rick custom makes motorcycle seats tailored to each individual rider and customer. He guarantees his seats for life and offers one adjustment free of charge. He's based in Anderson, northern California.
  8. RejeX is a thin-film polymer coating designed to provide a high-release surface. Can be used to treat motorcycle shields to repel water and make bug removal easy. $15 a bottle. Perhaps worth checking out if Raincoat doesn't work out.
  9. Moto Solutions make 2 products, Fogtech and Raincoat and anti-fog and a rain protection product for plastics including motorcycle shields. Looks excellent.
  10. An essay on motorcycling from the uniquely peculiar perspective of Hunter S. Thompson.
  11. Article from USA Today talking about Mexico not allowing illegal aliens to have driving licenses and similar policies in the US. References the National Immigration Law Center which publishes info on this topic.
  12. Motorcycle touring / trip planning web site.
  13. After market, model specific cruise control for motorcycles. :-)
  14. Forum relating to motorbike adventure riding, touring, etc. Useful trip planning advice, bike comparisons, etc.
  15. Info about a motorcycle tour from north to South America and back. # Crossing the Darien Gap & Vehicle documentation required # General driving tips # Our route in Central America
  16. Book on motorcycle adventures by Chris Scott. Looks like interesting reading.
  17. Wicked custom made Japanese motorcycles.
  18. Touratech sell a wide range of accessories for BMW and other motorcycles. They focus on long range touring accessories.

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