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  1. Neat in browser (or node) datastore written in Javascript that supports automatic syncing with a couchdb (or probably other) backend. Works offline with auto resync upon going back online. Pretty darned nifty.
  2. Quick / easy script to monitor mysql from zabbix by having the client run a command to gather data.
  3. PaaS offering for a wide range of platforms, free up to 8 servers, 2G of ram, 100M database. Supports, PHP, Node.js and more.
  4. This one question contains much of the necessary wisdom around mysql and SSL certificates. Incredibly helpful.
  5. Good introduction on setting up mysql replication with SSL encryption. Some of the options have changed in mysql 5.5 (no moremaster-connect-retry) and some settings are not applicable to Ubuntu, but the gist of it is useful.
  6. Simple script to monitor mysql replication delay. It updates a value on the master every second and checks how far behind the value is on the slave. Simple yet effective.
  7. Clever approach to monitoring mysql replication with monit. Ruby script checks replication is running and then touches a file, monit in turn monitors that file's timestamp and if it gets out of date, sends an alert. Sort of like a dead man switch. Clever.
  8. Very useful article outlining the broad basics of optimising Magento. Includes links to more detailed information and lots of config file examples. Very useful.
  9. Another cloud based scale solution for MySQL, aims to simplify deploying MySQL "in the cloud".
  10. Cloud based database that tries to achieve a new type of scalable, highly available, fault tolerant persistent data storage layer in "the cloud".
  11. Tool that tries to automate the scaling and replication of MySQL database in "the cloud".
  12. Very helpful article on how to store option or config data Yii in a database. Also includes a quick overview (the useful part for me!) of how to access data stored in a config file. Nifty. :-)
  13. Post about linking vsftpd to mysql via pam-mysql. Contains detailed copies of config files, useful.
  14. Topic on vsftpd / mysql via pam-mysql, contains some useful info on logging data via pam-mysql.
  15. Article on how to link vsftpd to mysql via pam-mysql. Handy.
  16. Open source photoblog software. Funky, clean, described as extensible. PHP / MySQL based.
  17. Mark Callaghan from Google on high availability MySQL.
  18. OurDelta produces enhanced builds for MySQL, with OurDelta and third-party patches, for common production platforms. All the builds are freely available for download.
  19. Percona builds binaries that contain recent versions of the MySQL database server, plus additional popular patches not included in the official binaries from MySQL/Sun. Hat tip Morgan Tocker.
  20. Useful article on how to backup and restore MySQL databases. Includes example commands and a basic overview of the theory.
  21. A patch for mod_auth_mysql to support the new phpass format used in WordPress 2.5+. It's an apache mod.
  22. Wikka is a very simple PHP/ MySQL wiki. It has very basic functionality, without the advanced features of something like MediaWiki, but it's extremely easy to use.
  23. Eventum is an issue / bug tracking system developed by MySQL AB and used internally at MySQL.
  24. An article from on how to develop PHP apps for Facebook

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