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  1. Download maps for the Map application on the N810 tablet without using the in-built software. Very useful. :-)
  2. How to change the date and time formats on the N810 and other nokia tablets. It requires a scratchbox development environment.
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  3. A collection of repos for the N810 and other tablets. Includes 1-click install links to be used on the device itself. A long, long list, very handy.
  4. The Garnet VM allows you to run Palm OS applications on the Nokia N810 tablet. It works like a charm! It has 3 screen rotation options. Graffiti works well.
  5. A bloody handy little perl script called tablet-encode which automatically transcodes video files into a good format for the Nokia tablets. Even has a GUI (which doesn't work for me) through gtk2-perl. :)
  6. How to flash a new os onto the Nokia N810 and other tablets.
  7. Some tips on how to hack the N810. Including a note on formatting the internal memory card due to a fault at the factory. Good stuff.
  8. Claws Mail is a lightweight mail client. The maemo port is specifically for Nokia tablets and supports advanced features way beyond the default mail client, such as imap folders, etc.
  9. A simple script to sync two liferea installations via ssh + rsync. It copies the two core files from one machine to the other (so long as they're accessible by ssh).
  10. gPodder is a podcast downloader available for the Nokia N810 tablet (and linux devices).

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