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  1. A company-as-a-service provider. From $500 + $50/month, which is cheap to setup, expensive to run. Supports a few jurisdictions. Does everything online.
  2. NZ company registration service, prices from $309 NZD. No strong focus on offshore individuals.
  3. Registered office and virtual office services in New Zealand.
  4. A freelancer outsourcing site similar to rentacoder / elance / / etc. Includes escrow.
  5. An outsourcing company that will work on one-off or ongoing projects. No rates on their site. They're busy, may be a delay responding to requests.
  6. is a freelancing / outsourcing service similar to elance / scritplance / rentacoder.
  7. Elance is an outsourcing web site similar to scriptlance / get a freelancer / rentacoder / / etc.
  8. AskSunday are a quick task outsourcing company. They offer plans including a number of "tasks" which typically take 20 minutes each to complete. Starts from $17/mth for about 10 tasks. They have project based plans "Sunday Projects", price on request.
  9. Brickwork are an Indian outsourcing company. They offer two levels of service basic / premium. They've been around since 2004 and gained fame in a couple of books (World is Flat, 4 hour work week).
  10. Extensive range of incorporation options in New Zealand including various forms of trusts, trading trusts, family trusts, offshore trusts, etc.
  11. Basic looking web site offering company formations in New Zealand for $297 or $997 for overseas residents (including registered office, mail forwarding, etc).
  12. New Zealand company incorporation service. $349 full package.
  13. New Zealand company incorporation service. $330 NZD for the package.
  14. Comparing Bahamas, B.V.I, Delaware, Dominica, Gibraltar, Seychelles, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, U.K., and Wyoming in a table structure.
  15. Hosdted by a company in the British Virgin Islands. Fairly flat table, but potentially useful as a reference. Compares British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Cayman Islands,Cook Islands, and Jersey.
  16. Delaware Inc are Delaware based incorporation agents. Services start from around $450 for an overseas owned company, plus $450 to get a tax id, then $50 plus state fees per year ($50 for corps, $250 for LLCs).
  17. Money of Doom is an ebook for 40 euros that explains how to open offshore accounts, protect your identity, etc, etc.
  18. Webgrity is an outsourcing company. I think they do lots of work on elance and other freelancer sites.
  19. Globe Task is a virtual outsourcing company. Rates start at $12 per hour for pay as you go and drop to $8/hour for 40 hours / month.
  20. is an online outsourcing site where you post jobs and people bid on them. Like but for any type of task.
  21. oDesk is a little like RentaCoder but provides a fuller service including staff monitoring so projects can be paid by the hour.
  22. Quadrant India are an Indian outsourcing company. They offer a range of clerical / administrative services. No prices listed, probably larger jobs. They have 350 staff.
  23. Data input company in India. Prices on a per job basis.
  24. VirtualEmployee help you to recruit offshore staff and provide a location for them to work from. Real people, real jobs. Starting from $700 / month.
  25. Moores Rowland assist with the incorporation of offshore companies, trusts, and so on in Vanuatu. They also assist with the management of offshore bank accounts and credit cards, also in Vanuatu.

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