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  1. Toptal for teams. No pricing. Pricing way below superlumen billing on average.
  2. Looks like a platform for cheap work, similar to fiverr but with a range of prices and services. Cheap, cheap, cheap seems to be the theme.
  3. A freelancer outsourcing site similar to rentacoder / elance / / etc. Includes escrow.
  4. An outsourcing company that will work on one-off or ongoing projects. No rates on their site. They're busy, may be a delay responding to requests.
  5. is a freelancing / outsourcing service similar to elance / scritplance / rentacoder.
  6. Elance is an outsourcing web site similar to scriptlance / get a freelancer / rentacoder / / etc.
  7. AskSunday are a quick task outsourcing company. They offer plans including a number of "tasks" which typically take 20 minutes each to complete. Starts from $17/mth for about 10 tasks. They have project based plans "Sunday Projects", price on request.
  8. Brickwork are an Indian outsourcing company. They offer two levels of service basic / premium. They've been around since 2004 and gained fame in a couple of books (World is Flat, 4 hour work week).
  9. Webgrity is an outsourcing company. I think they do lots of work on elance and other freelancer sites.
  10. Globe Task is a virtual outsourcing company. Rates start at $12 per hour for pay as you go and drop to $8/hour for 40 hours / month.
  11. is an online outsourcing site where you post jobs and people bid on them. Like but for any type of task.
  12. oDesk is a little like RentaCoder but provides a fuller service including staff monitoring so projects can be paid by the hour.
  13. Quadrant India are an Indian outsourcing company. They offer a range of clerical / administrative services. No prices listed, probably larger jobs. They have 350 staff.
  14. Data input company in India. Prices on a per job basis.
  15. VirtualEmployee help you to recruit offshore staff and provide a location for them to work from. Real people, real jobs. Starting from $700 / month.

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