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  1. Looks like a platform for cheap work, similar to fiverr but with a range of prices and services. Cheap, cheap, cheap seems to be the theme.
  2. An online mind mapping tool with a solid interface, and up to 3 mind maps for free, including some sharing capability. Made in Munich.
  3. A pretty full on web whiteboard app. Supports different colours and sizes and stuff, but is a little bit limited as it only has post it notes of varying colours. Not perfect, but useful...
  4. Online whiteboard tool with a little sophistication. Allows links, sub boards, and other stuff, some only on paid plans.
  5. Very cool online whiteboard app. Dead simple, free, easy to collaborate, sort of like a visual priate pad.
  6. Model shop that sells all kinds of radio controlled planes, quadrocoters, etc, in Germany. Site can be in English, but all product info in German. :-( Free shipping over €30! :-)
  7. Online merchant with warehouses in China (primary) and the UK (limited stock). Sell lots of hubsan models and other remote control spares and so on.
  8. German online retailer of hubsan remote control helicopters and other models.
  9. Hosted torrents (in the cloud) from $10/month for 50G disk space. Torrent online, download. Simple, but a bit pricey...
  10. French car tyre online seller. Decent prices, free delivery. Used them for tyres for the camping car.
  11. Reasonably priced German car tyres online. Pretty decent prices and free delivery on two or more tyres.
  12. Great little application which enables (very seamlessly) USB tethering on a mac for android devices. Beautiful. Open source
  13. Sell time on the phone. Ether handle all the calling, billing, logistics part. Create an account, post a link, people pay and call.
  14. Market site for buses in Venezuela. Well, site for all sorts but this link is for buses. They're very expensive compared to the US.

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