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  1. It's not really free, but close. Costs $108/yr or $15/mth to remove their branding. Plus they monetise by selling virtual operators.
  2. Really nice forms. Expensive as hell, but super easy to use, really slick user experience.
  3. An ecommerce analytics tool. No pricing. Free "something", no credit card required.
  4. Sucks data from Google Analytics + ecommerce tools to provide a cross tool view of your data. Multi channel ecommerce analytics.
  5. Strategy to load javascript asynchronously without blocking page load. Involves creating an iframe, loading the script in the iframe, then setting the iframe's dom to the parent's dom to allow the script to work normally. Tricky.
  6. 90% of time is in the front end. Top 10 sites = 74%, top 10k = 92%, top 50k = 87%.
  7. Handy article explaining how to measure the (speed) time of an http request using curl. The key is -w "%{time_connect}:%{time_starttransfer}:%{time_total}\n" which outputs the times.
  8. More info on measuring page load speed from StackOverflow.
  9. Useful pointers on how to store varnish cache on disk. Very easy, recommends using ext2 and noatime / nodiratime to improve disk throughput. Smart.
  10. A magento varnish plugin that enables varnish caching on Magento sites.
  11. Very interesting question that has lots of useful links on persistent object / value stores that are similar to memcache. Answer seems to be couchbase.
  12. This says it all, couchbase includes memcached as part of it, and can operate in "pure memcache" mode or can add persistence and other features behind memcached. Sounds like it'll do what we're after.
  13. Very useful article outlining the broad basics of optimising Magento. Includes links to more detailed information and lots of config file examples. Very useful.
  14. Very detailed article explaining how Magento implements its caching mechanism. It seems to be some custom classes layered on top of Zend's caching framework. Useful read.
  15. Excellent article describing in depth how to have PHP store session data in memcached and the differences between the memcache and memcached implementations in PHP. Very useful.
  16. YSlow rules for optimising web performance from the Yahoo Developer Network. 34 rules that make sites faster. Very useful reading.
  17. Scribe is an easy to use SEO tool that analyses content (blog posts, etc) and suggests ways to improve it based on SEO best practice. It also provides a keyword research tool that shows search volume for related keywords to the one entered. Useful. Pricey
  18. Useful article on setting up a hard drive to get best use out of an SSD. One to watch when upgrading to 11.04 probably.
  19. 1TB of data for $39 (limited offer at 18 Mar 2011). Hat tip Anthony Feint. Plugins for drupal, wordpress, etc. Data is around 10c/gb up to 50TBs, comparable to EC2.
  20. Get a grade for your twitter profile. I was rated 1m out of 8m, whatever that means. Used by to gauge price of paid tweets.
  21. Take multiple images, combine them into one, then use CSS to position the larger image such that only the small portion of the original image is visible. Combine multiple images into a single HTTP request.
  22. Dean Edwards javascript packer. Copy / paste some js code, it'll pack on the fly for you. Including the option to shorten variable names, and even base64 encode for super duper pack'ed ness.
  23. The WP JS plugin combines multiple javascript files used by WordPress into one single, gzipped file for faster download, fewer connections.
  24. YSlow is an extension for Firebug which shows ways to speed up page loads. It's published by Yahoo as part of their developer network.
  25. An open source, distributed, failure resilient file system similar to GFS (from google). Supports automatic addition of nodes, redundancy, and so on.

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