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  1. Ruby gem that allows you to push notifications and capture responses from the terminal (or bash, etc) on macOS.
  2. Setting ulimit on macOS Sierra. Super helpful.
  3. Remote mac servers. Mac minis start from $69/month with 24 hour free trial, instant activation.
  4. Brilliant app that draws a border on the active window in OSX. Fabulous for keeping track of which window is currently active.
  5. Unlock files with the command `chflags -R nouchg /dir`, very useful on account of the -R.
  6. Excellent article explaining how to mount encrypted folders on OSX via the terminal, and thus be able to paste a password. Brilliant.
  7. This provided the extra info to get NFS working from OSX host to Ubuntu guest.
  8. This got me started sharing filesystems over NFS from an OSX host to an Ubuntu guest.
  9. Direct installation link for flash on OSX, bypass the ultra flakey installer bullshit.
  10. OSX window manager with a Javascript API. Interesting. Looks pretty hardcore, no native coffeescript that I can see, and can't find events, but it has potential... Oh, and you gotta build it!
  11. Annoying bug in OSX internet connection sharing that screws the default route when it's enabled. Fix is `sudo route del default && sudo route add default` (get the default route before enabling).
  12. Make the cursor repeat even faster than is possible with the system preferences options.
  13. Free app to mirror an OSX hard drive onto an external disk, which can, I think, then be booted from. Not possible with time machine, that requires a recopy.
  14. Alternative to CrashPlan. Seems nice, same price (near enough) but will delete external drive files after 30 days. Sucky.
  15. Appears to be the only "web page" of the Retina version of DisplayMenu. Neat.
  16. How to install bash completion on OSX from homebrew (and macports). Very handy.
  17. AWESOME! Adds a quick look option to see inside zip files. Just copy to /Library/QuickLook and then press space on a zip file, genius, simple, should be part of OSX.
  18. Handy equivalent to baobab on Mac. Analyses disk usage and presents it in a much more useful way than GrandPerspective with it's tree thing. Very handy. Not free(dom) but free (beer).
  19. Useful mac app that enables keyboard shortcuts to resize and position windows Handy. Might not be necessary in addition to BetterTouchTool though.
  20. Great little application which enables (very seamlessly) USB tethering on a mac for android devices. Beautiful. Open source
  21. Very useful guide on how to setup dnsmasq on OS X. Weird stuff with /etc/resolver/tld whereby the resolver is only used for a particular domain. Useful in some ways, weird in others.
  22. Package containing the adb and fastboot binaries and a handful of simple shell scripts to drop them into the appropriate places on mac / linux. Nice.
  23. Simple fix on how to enable home / end / pgup / pgdn on OSX terminal. Map keycodes home 33OH end 33OF pgup 33[5~ pgdn 33[6~ in Terminal > Settings > Terminal. :-)
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  24. Guake like terminal for OSX.
  25. Open source GPL app that will analyse disk usage on OSX.

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