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  1. A freelancer outsourcing site similar to rentacoder / elance / / etc. Includes escrow.
  2. is a freelancing / outsourcing service similar to elance / scritplance / rentacoder.
  3. Elance is an outsourcing web site similar to scriptlance / get a freelancer / rentacoder / / etc.
  4. AskSunday are a quick task outsourcing company. They offer plans including a number of "tasks" which typically take 20 minutes each to complete. Starts from $17/mth for about 10 tasks. They have project based plans "Sunday Projects", price on request.
  5. GetFriday are an outsourcing company starting from $15/hour on a pay-as-you go model. Drops down to $10/hr for 20hrs/mth or as low as $7/hr for 160hrs/mth. Time and a half at the weekends.
  6. Webgrity is an outsourcing company. I think they do lots of work on elance and other freelancer sites.
  7. Globe Task is a virtual outsourcing company. Rates start at $12 per hour for pay as you go and drop to $8/hour for 40 hours / month.
  8. is an online outsourcing site where you post jobs and people bid on them. Like but for any type of task.
  9. oDesk is a little like RentaCoder but provides a fuller service including staff monitoring so projects can be paid by the hour.

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