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  1. Meteor hosting (maybe from the folks who make orion?). Spanish probably. Starts from $15/month. Doesn't include mongo.
  2. PaaS offering for a wide range of platforms, free up to 8 servers, 2G of ram, 100M database. Supports, PHP, Node.js and more.
  3. PaaS offering for Node.js. Based on units called "drones". Starts at $3/month for a single drone, free for open source projects.
  4. Scalable PHP PaaS service. Based on the concept of "boxes", which handle 2 simultaneous requests each, and can scale up and down dynamically. So 12 concurrent requests equals 6 boxes. Strange, but potentially cost effective for traffic peaks.
  5. PHP PaaS provider based in Ireland, acquired by Engine Yard.
  6. PHP cloud hosting. Very slick architecture. Custom managed EC2 nodes deployed behind varnish caches and nginx load balancers. Fairly reasonably priced.

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