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  1. Sucks data from Google Analytics + ecommerce tools to provide a cross tool view of your data. Multi channel ecommerce analytics.
  2. Interesting article comparing CDN versus SPDY. In their case, it was faster with SPDY. However, they have minimal external assets it would seem.
  3. Really detailed tool that diagnoses in great detail each step of the DNS resolution process for a domain. Free and invaluable.
  4. Mobile performance testing platform from akamai based on the infrastructure, free. Useful.
  5. A measurement tool to monitor real user's web performance numbers, similar to lognormal / Google Analytics site speed reports. Free basic plan, premium is $500 a month!
  6. Really handy post with links to sources of web performance optimisation statistics.
  7. Check DNS resolution speeds from various places around the world, very useful.
  8. A follow up to the SSD anthology. Good reading.
  9. The mother of all articles on the technology underlying SSD performance. A monster read. Hat tip @vvas.
  10. Strategy to load javascript asynchronously without blocking page load. Involves creating an iframe, loading the script in the iframe, then setting the iframe's dom to the parent's dom to allow the script to work normally. Tricky.
  11. A good introduction to the statistics math of split testing.
  12. Includes the math behind the calculation, and sample PHP code to actually generate the numbers. Very cool.
  13. A plugin for magento that is meant to boost performance. Free.
  14. Simple formula to calculate statistical significance at 95% on AB / split tests. N = total clicks, D = diff between win & lose, if D² > N, it's statistically significant. Example, 14 clicks A, 22 clicks B, N=36, D=22-14=8, 8²=64>36, win. If 2D²>N, 99%.
  15. 90% of time is in the front end. Top 10 sites = 74%, top 10k = 92%, top 50k = 87%.
  16. Dummnet simulates different network bandwidth rates and latencies by introducing delays or chokes, works on *nix flavours.
  17. Outstanding article on hard disk performance, IOPS and predicting drive usage, RAID capacity, and so on.
  18. Very handy tool that will tell you if gzip or deflate is enabled on a url or not.
  19. Simple script to monitor mysql replication delay. It updates a value on the master every second and checks how far behind the value is on the slave. Simple yet effective.
  20. Clever approach to monitoring mysql replication with monit. Ruby script checks replication is running and then touches a file, monit in turn monitors that file's timestamp and if it gets out of date, sends an alert. Sort of like a dead man switch. Clever.
  21. In a similar vein to cloudflare / yottaa, strangeloop offer a performance enhancement service through a physical / cloud based appliance. It uses the standard techniques, js/css combining, sprites, cdn, tailoring to the browser, and so on. No pricing. :-(
  22. Similar to CloudFlare but more expensive ($30/mth no ssl, $130/mth with ssl) it accelerates web sites through the use of CDN, js/css combining, etc.
  23. loudFlare is an automated CDN / content acceleration type service. It acts as a reverse proxy providing some sort of heuristic security scanning, logging of traffic, and an automatically configured CDN. $15 + $5/site/month.
  24. Handy article on how to get the response times out of curl. The key is the --write-out / -w option.
  25. A very useful SSL check utility which will support non standard port numbers. Useful for monit debugging on port 2812.

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