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  1. Cheapest SSL certificates I can find. $6 / domain / year. Best price anywhere.
  2. Cheap server reseller with 100 locations worldwide. Some reasonably cheap deals in the UK, at least, the cheapest servers I could find.
  3. Salt is a little like Ansible I guess, new alternative to puppet|chef, neat, built on python, open source.
  4. Ansible looks like a newer, simpler puppet|chef. Uses ssh by default, which is pretty neat, well suited to things like ec2, getting machines up from the ground up. Python. Smart. Free.
  5. Interesting article comparing CDN versus SPDY. In their case, it was faster with SPDY. However, they have minimal external assets it would seem.
  6. Check your DNS records from multiple locations around the world. Very useful.
  7. Very useful article on priming the OCSP cache in nginx. Neat. It works, but nginx won't start unless this is done, which suggests problem.
  8. Very useful article on setting up nginx and OCSP. Trick in my case was to enable the correct protocols and / or cipher suites.
  9. Quick / easy script to monitor nginx from zabbix by having the client run a command to gather data.
  10. Quick / easy script to monitor mysql from zabbix by having the client run a command to gather data.
  11. Neat recipe for monitoring apache with zabbix. Uses a quick / easy setup method that has the zabbix agent run a command to gather the data. Not the most efficient, but surely easy.
  12. How to reload VCL without flushing the cache. Genius. Start varnishadm then `vcl.load newconfig01 /etc/varnish/default.vcl` followed by `vcl.use newconfig01` and `quit` to finish. Excellent...
  13. Suite of SPDY command line tools including src/spdycat which is a curl / wget type client for SPDY enabled servers.
  14. Very useful page which documents what the various zabbix items actually mean. Invaluable.
  15. Handy little script to monitor varnish stats from zabbix. Awesome.
  16. Simple regexes to handle device detection within varnish. Includes links to documentation and suggested implementations. Neat.
  17. Article on how to use a YubiKey alongside SSH RSA key based login. Bit of a hack, but it appears to work. Nice.
  18. The YubiKey is a USB device which appears to the computer as a keyboard. It has only 1 button, which when pressed, enters a one-time-password and then enter (can be configured). This can be verified against an online server, or offline via a few tools.
  19. Explains how to fix putty so it plays nicely with byobu. Requires two settings, Windows > Translation > UTF8, and Terminal > Keyboard > XTerm R6. Haven't been able to verify, but reports suggest it works.
  20. Very interesting article on how to enable single use password logon for Ubuntu. Requires a thing called opie and a few config file changes. Seems very useful...
  21. Yet another monitoring app. Copper Egg combines real user monitoring, generic metric logging, server monitoring and maybe other stuff(?) into one application. Pricing starts at $19/month. Not unreasonable.
  22. Really useful site with some outrageously cheap VPS deals. Very useful, well organised, no search / filters, but offers expire I guess, so reading a few pages is ok.
  23. Great little article on how to make sense of the varnishstat output.
  24. A helpful article on how to make HTTP requests by hand via telnet. Doesn't work by hand for me, only the script approach works. But useful nonetheless.
  25. Clickatell seem to be the premier SMS API, they're used by Pingdom, Cloudkick and PagerDuty. Incoming number (UK, regular number) is €100 setup and €25/month plus 1/3 credit per SMS received.

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